Shark Facts

Shark fishing facts

FACT 1. Sharks caught in Australia are used in totality – the entire body is used for food and/or food supplements.

Fishing for the future

FACT 2. Sharks caught in Australian waters by Australian licensed fishermen are from ecologically sustainable fisheries.

Playing by the rules

FACT 3. Australia has the toughest regulations of any controlled commercial shark fishery in the world.

Eating shark

FACT 4. Shark is an important and popular food source. Australians have been enjoying flake and chips for almost 100 years.

SHARK FACTS: about the Australian shark harvest

| Australian Harvest Shark Finning

Shark harvesting in Australian waters has dominated the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. A dishonest campaign is attempting to undermine the credibility of the Australian shark industry and the hardworking men and women whose livelihoods rely on it.

Instead of a proud Australian story of a sustainable fishery which generates vital export earnings and supports dozens of regional economies, including Cairns, misinformation is presented to the public in a way which is designed to evoke an emotional reaction regardless of the facts. 

Emotive images of sharks being killed inhumanely have been used to label the Australian shark harvest as 'cruel' and 'unsustainable'. It is not only an affront to the Australian men and women who work in the industry, but also to scientists, fisheries managers and genuine conservationists who are working together to ensure Australia’s shark fisheries remain the best managed and most tightly-regulated in the world.